Copenhagen is world known for it’s cuisine. There’s a jungle of options, ranching from typical Scandinavian food to South American or even French-Japanese. And if you can’t decide, there are food market options so that you can all have different foods. And why not go to an all day brunch?

Breakfast, brunch, lunch

My favorite meal of the day! And I never get why some restaurants don’t have breakfast/brunch all day? So I have listed the ones where you can get it either all day, or at least until late afternoon.

Far’s Dreng

Far’s Dreng is a cozy café with local Danish specialties like Smørrebrød. The interior is all Scandinavian design and it’s worth going here just to take a cute picture! They have everything from sandwiches, pizza, salads to skyr with granola and flowers (this is soo good, you have to try it!). You can get breakfast options here all day! This café offers veggie options as well as dairy free milk. Check out their website for address, menu and opening hours.


                                                                                                                                                 Smørrebrød at Far’s Dreng




Hoppe’s is our all around go-to. They are open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even cocktails. But what we usually go there for is their brunch. On Sunday’s they have an amazing brunch buffet (all you can eat), and if the weather allows you can even enjoy it on their famous patio (heated in winter). They have the same brunch also on Saturday, but it’s not a buffet, but a big plate with a selection of things like pancakes, bacon and sausage (they have a veggie option), cheese, fruits and yogurt and granola.


42Raw is the mother of all healthy yummy food! This is where my friends always ask me to take them when they are visiting. And don’t worry, you can even bring skeptical friends who don’t like rawfood. They have dishes that are “cooked” (up to 42 degrees) such as pizza, burgers etc. My all time favorite meal here is the brunch (surprise, right?). But hurry, they only serve it until 2 pm!

                                           The amazing acai bowls and my all time favorite brunch at 42Raw


Kompa9 is a bit similar to Far’s Dreng. They serve typical Danish dishes such as Smørrebrød with avocado, oatmeal and other smaller dishes. This is also a very visually pleasant coffee shop. It has a vintage feeling and if your’e about to write a book, this is the place!



One of the best restaurants in the world is Noma with two Michelin stars. But if you are planning on going there, plan well ahead. The waiting list is about 7 months long. And the prices are outrageous. Unfortunately, they are planning on closing the restaurant and opening up a new one somewhere else in the city, so keep an eye out if you would like to give it a try!

Copenhagen Street Food/ Paper Island (papirøen), has an amazing “food court” with international cuisine. It’s amazing in summer as you can sit outside by the water, sipping cocktails to your food. But also good in winter, as they have a huge indoor area. The food ranges from sushi, burgers and Thai, to Chilean and even rawfood. The atmosphere is very chilled and it’s the perfect spot to go to on a weekday with friends.

Sticks and Sushi

Sticks and Sushi, Tivoli hotel is the restaurant with the best view of Copenhagen (on a clear day!). It’s located on the 20th floor and with a stunning view of the city. The food is quite pricy, but you could also go here just for a cocktail to enjoy the view!

LêLê is a great Vietnamese restaurant with a twist. They serve very modern and different dishes, and the best part is the sharing plates where you can try a bit of everything. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of vegetarian options. But you can ask them to make any of the sharing plates with veggie options.

PS bar
PS bar. This is my favorite restaurant. Not really for the food, but for the amazing vibe! Many people come here just for a cocktail or a glass of wine after work. The service is, in my experience, pretty bad. But if you can ignore that fact, this is a great place to start a night out! ps. you have to try their Sangria pitchers, they are divine!

                                                                      The outdoor seating at PS bar & grill



Llama is an Argentinian restaurant situated in a “basement”. The interior is really cool and it’s very spacious! The restaurant has won a lot of prices both for the interior design as well as the food. Just as in Argentina, their specialty is meat. But they also do pescetarian options as well as a few vegetarian.

Pluto has become one of our favorite summer restaurants! They have a nice outdoor seating area where you can enjoy a glass of wine and/or some cheese/charcuterie. Their dishes are typical Danish and there is a lot to chose from. The service is also great! (which unfortunately is unusual for Copenhagen).



These are some of my favorite restaurants on Copenhagen! I have chosen only the restaurants which are walking distance from the city center as I rarely go to the restaurants further away. Please bare in mind that you should make reservations at these restaurants as they are very popular and filled up quickly. To make sure there’s space I would make reservations at least two weeks in advance.

TIP! As Copenhagen is rather expensive, people don’t expect you to tip a lot. I would say, only tip if your’e going to a fancier restaurant and the service is great! 10% is definitely enough. But there is no obligation to tip, as it is in other countries.


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