When I started traveling I had no idea about what airlines to avoid and to be honest, I didn’t really care as long as the flights were cheap! After 100s of flights I’m now more selective and I’m willing to pay more for a better airline, because I know that in the end it’s soooo worth it!


Imagine sitting on a day flight without any entertainment system, any food/drinks and an A/C system blowing like Antarctica for over 8 hours! That was my reality when flying with Air Asia from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur. Safe to say I will never fly with them again!

You can check the yearly list over the top 100 airlines HERE. But to be honest, I do not agree about the top ones. Let me tell you my top 5 and bottom 5.

The best airline I’ve flown with is Qantas airlines (to and from Australia). They provided excellent customer service, superb food and the little extra (we had a drink and cookie bar in the rear of the aircraft where we, whenever we were hangry (yes hangry) could fetch a snack and a drink). The worst airline I’ve flown with is Air Canada. The food was not even eatable, the seats were ripped and super old and the staff was anything but helpful.



To be updated…!